October 4, 2011

Saved by the beard

Late Saturday night, I defided the rain, darkness, cold and horrible traffick and drove to the airport to pick up Gus. 

Only to experience his most recent facial hair look. It is somewhat a tradition that whenever we've been apart for a while (or about to travel somewhere), he does something weird to his beard.

Most recent look

Mozambique, Winter 2010
Summer, 2010 - I think this is the most scary look as he looks like 12 (makes me feel weird and old).
And from time to time, I let my facial hair grow as well

At least he's back in Charm City, to - as he kindly phrased it - "sätta käppar i hjulet för mina onda pluggcirklar" (rough translation: put and end to my vicious study-sick-cycle). 

About time, as I am just about to enter hibernation. Finals are approaching (can't believe it's already the end of my second semester) and if I survive these exams, I feel confident that I will make it through the year.

Anyway, a minor headsup that you might not see much of me before Oct 20th. I'll throw in a picture of my calendar just to make things a bit more visual.

Bye bye, see you post-exams!

Oh, and welcome Birgitta (Gustavs mother who's coming to visit us next week) - hope this doesn't scare you of!

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