October 12, 2012

Blog CPR


It would be a slight underestimate to state that I have been slow on blogging lately. I would argue that I have, in fact, died out from the blog scene. Consider this post a 'CPR of blogging'; a desperate attempt to keep it alive. Help me out, please.

My non-blogging really reflects two things: 

1) Being back in the Hopkins loop
2) Not having my own camera

Let me explain.

 1. The hopkins loop kind of talks for itself. I started a PhD (need I say more). Hence all flavor of 'free time' is long gone. Don't get me wrong though - I am taking much better care of myself and the people around me compared to last year. Every moment not spent at school is spent with Gus, outdoors, with friends, cooking, and chilling in our new house. 

On this note, got extremely into running this summer. Very surprising given that I used to hate running; I would prefer walking very fast. But, it seems like the running bug has caught me. My goal at the moment is to have run my very first half-marathon by this spring. For my birthday, Gus got me an *amazing* GPS-watch from which I can now --- like a true running nerd --- create maps of my daily travels.

High of the run is to see where you actually went.

2. Not having my own camera origins from a combinations of factors; Gus having at least two very (very) good ones + me having netiher. As a result, I don't really take many pictures anymore and have to rely on his to and take the time to upload them on my lapop. This, on average, takes about ≈ one month. 

On the topic of pics however, here's a random selection from the last month. 

I'll start by something that made me very happy. I the mail today, I got an article describing what to do in Gothenburg (Sweden) in 36 hours, published in the NY Times this week (thank you Bonnie and chapter AW!). Finally something to use for describing my wonderful hometown. This will go on our fridge to be on best possible display.

Moving on...

It's good to be back in the US. I've missed it, more than I thought I would.

We started the 'new year' with going for an overnight hike with our roomie (a.k.a son) Andrew.

Throught the hike, I had to hold up every big rock for Gus and Andrew to be able to pass. Phew.

I also had time to turn one year older, into my last one as a 20-something. Celebrated in style with Swedish snacks and loads of nice people.

Part of why it feels so good to be back is really our new home. AND our new wheels! That's right, finally WITH car.

The *Avenue* in Hampden, Baltimore --- to which we are very conveniently located.
We've even made our OWN crabs. Of course, fished by Gus.

Last weekend we escaped to NYC to hang out with dear friends and enjoy the city.
Apparentely fall is approaching. At least it seems like from the 150 postcard my mother sent me with fall-theme.

That's it for this time. Hope to see you sooner than later. Keep your fingers crossed that my blogging will survive. Happy comments are very much encouraged.

August 12, 2012

Swedish Summer Snapshots

It is pretty surreal, but I almost had 2 (!) months off school by now. 

I had absolutely no trouble at all spending them in Sweden. 

Here is why. 

View from summer house in Åmål


Gustav's torp (summer house) together with his siblings

My absolute obsession: picking and eating blueberries

Sneak-peaking at Sweden's largest music festival - Way Out West - in Gothenburg

Teaching American guest Sam how to eat crayfish
Showing American guest Alex Gothenburg archipelago

Teaching grandparents the world of Mac

Cramming some sailboats

Writing papers....

Dancing lindy hop!

Lindy hop camp site

Herräng dance camp - one of the largest of its kind - this year 30 years

Lindy hop lips

Family reunion

Twins and bubble stuff

Getting back on track with running

Baking coma

Catching up with mum

Spending a L.O.T of time laying on the couch

Swedish delicacy - crayfish!

Me and my suitcase...

Back in our beloved bunker apartment - where we will spend our last week home!

June 19, 2012

Jungle horror


Somewhere in Corcovado National Park, Costa Rica:

Local person: Yes, there are many amazing trails for hiking around here. Very good. The best.
Me: *Wiping of some of the 97% humidity* That's great. Any ideas where to go?
Gus: Äh, vi går väl bara? Vem behöver karta eller guide...? (English translation: I am a macho man, follow me, no need for directions)
Me: Eeeeeeh förderar ändå någon slags stig.
Local person: This loop is very nice. Perhaps you can meet the peccary *smiles*
Me: Peccary...? ....?
Local person: You know, the pigs. Wild. If with baby, they can be angry. Then you have to climb a tree, hehehe.
Gus: Älskling det är ingen fara, det är jätteovanligt att man ser vildsvin. De ser bara dig. Om vi träffar ett dock (eller typ en puma, eller orm eller vad som helst som är lite farligt och exotiskt), så måste du ta kort och NJUTA av ögonblicket.
Me: Wild... pig...tree...?
*Moments later, walking on the trail....*
 Me: Eeeeeeekkkkkkkkkkkkk...!!!!! *running for my life*
Gus: *Exited* Look, a dog!
Me: *Sitting high up in a tree* Iiiiiiiiiiii...eeeeeekkkkkkkkk...!!! Get rid of it, take it away, take it away...!
Gus: But... it's... only a dog..? (my remark: VERY sketchy dog, 99% sure it had rabies)
Me:......iiiiiiiii......  .....   ....*refusing to come down*

I have no idea how I got up in the tree in the first place. But scratches on my knees tell me that I must have climbed faster in all times in all histories.

I am sure this is what I saw coming running at us.


For more Costa Rica pics, see Gus blog (why double the work load; my pig story is way cooler than his boring pictures anyway).

Now, over and out for the summer - who knows until when. We just landed in Stockholm after flying over Göteborg and even spotting our beloved apartment way down there. 

Hej där, hem hemma. Jag har saknat dig!

    June 17, 2012

    25 seconds of heaven

    It took approximately 25 seconds to walk over the stage, get my MPh diploma from the Dean, smile for the camera and walk down. Boom. Just like that, it was over.

    Very nice 25 seconds. Worth every second of the 11 month struggle (almost). 

    I'm graduated!

    This all happened on May 23rd, I am a tiny bit slow with updates due to a Cost Rica trip in the middle of everything (more about that in next episode).  

    How do you put this thing on...?
    In case we look back at this day 50 years from now and don't remember where we went to school.

    My best and most patient supporter: Gus!

    Gift from Gus and my grandparents: Ipad!

    Even more important than graduation, my whole family was in town! We took them for the one thing to do in Bmore: crabs.

    One bedroom apartment full to the edge with beloved people

    My brother and uncle enjoying baseball

    Swedes at Baltimore Orioles baseball game, check.

    School is over and out..! For now.